JM4 Tactical Gun Belt

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How are JM4 Tactical Gun Belts Made?

 JM4 Tactical gun belts are designed using two layers of Prime US Steerhide that are bonded and stitched together. Each gun belt is hand-dyed with only the highest quality, oil-based dyes. They will not roll, sag, or stretch out, which, in turn, gives you many years of use.

JM4 Tactical concealed carry gun belts come in both brown with brown stitching and black with black stitching. The gun belts come in two different sizes 1.5″ and 1.75″. 

All JM4 Tactical gun belts orders are custom made

Because all gun belts are custom made they are not eligible for exchange or return. 

Please allow 3 weeks from the date of your order for shipping. 

Where are JM4 Tactical Gun Belts Made?

JM4 Tactical Double Shot EDC gun belts are made in Abiline, Texas.

How to size your JM4 Tactical Gun Belt

Gun Belt Sizing Instructions

They make ordering the proper size gun belt easy but if for whatever reason you order the wrong size, they will gladly replace the belt for you. You will be responsible for any shipping charges incurred. 

The best method for determining proper size is to measure a belt you currently wear from the buckle tongue to the hole that fits you best. If the length that you come up with is not a full size then round up to the next whole number. 

See Image below:

If you do not have a carry belt to measure then take a cloth tape measure, run it through your belt loops and snug it up tight. This will be your belt size. Add three inches to this measurement depending on the amount of “inside the waistband” gear you will be carrying. Do not rely on your pants waist size as the number varies from pants to pants. Their belts come standard with seven adjustment holes spaced 3/4″ apart with the center hole being your belt size. This gives you two inches of adjustment either in or out. 

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