Kore Essentials Gun Belt

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After searching for several month’s for a good everyday gun belt I spent my money on the 1.75″ Kore black leather garrison gun belt with a G2 buckle. I paid $69.95 for the belt and with shipping the total out the door came out to $75.90.

The KORE Leather Garrison belts are Kore’s stiffest and most supportive leather gun belts yet. This gun belt is designed to securely carry small to full-size firearms, magazines and any gear up to 6 lbs. 

I can tell you that if you are not used to wearing a stiff belt it does take some getting use to. I think the extra stiffness of garrison belt and the fact that the gun belt is 1.75″ wide does feel a little different around your waist. 

Kore states that this gun belt is the best fitting, most durable range style belt you’ll ever wear. So far, the gun belt seems super durable and precise is a great word to describe it. It offers a secure fit and looks stylish at the same time. 

One of the beautiful things about this style of gun belt is that there are NO belt holes. Instead this Kore garrison gun belts use a hidden track system with 40+ sizing points, to adjust around your waist a ¼” at a time. The result equals a gun belt that is 800% more adjustable than a traditional gun belt. 

This Kore belt is made with a top-grain leather outer layer with a Super-Fiber inner lining that is made with Kore’s proprietary Reinforced Power-Core™ center which is rated up to 200 lbs. Kore states that this belt is not recommended for IWB, appendix carry, or as a duty belt because at 1.75″ wide and the way this belt is constructed it is too stiff for IWB and appendix carry. There is very little to no flex with this gun belt. I have yet to try it with appendix carry myself to see how it works. Once I do, I will report back and update this post to share my results with you. 

Kore leather garrison belts are 1.75″ wide and are made in one-size so that they fit any waist from 24” up to 44″ (Tactical up to 54″). The belt is secured to the belt buckle with an aggressive set of teeth which clamp on to the belt. You also get 2 set screws with a hex wrench to tighten down your set screws. 

Kore offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty with their Patented technology. The 1.75″ belt and buckle are NOT Interchangeable with 1.5″ gun belts & buckles or classic fashion belts. 

If you are in the market for a good looking leather EDC gun belt, Kore Essentials makes a great fitting, high-quality, and stylish EDC ratcheting gun belt that is priced right and looks great with your gun or without. 

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