The Taurus Curve Hand Gun

What is the Taurus Curve? The Taurus Curve is the world’s first and only curved firearm engineered to fit the unique contours of your body,Taurus Curve® is one ultra-comfortable, ultra-reliable personal protection handgun.The Taurus Curve comes in two models. The…

Russia's World's Deadliest Sniper Rifle?

Russia develops world’s DEADLIEST sniper rife: £30,000 ‘game-changer’ gun can hit targets TWO MILES awayThe Lobaev Arms SVLK-14S is able to kill from a distance of nearly two miles The weapon costs £30,000 and weighs 10kg and fires one round at a…

Transporting Firearms In Illinois

Unless specifically exempted by statute, any Illinois resident who acquires or possesses firearms or firearm ammunition within the state must have in their possession a currently valid Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card issued in his or her name. Commonly Asked…
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Springfield XDS Mod 2 - Rural King

Springfield Armory XD-S Mod 2 SALE I just found a Springfield XD-S Mod 2 .45 caliber handgun on sale at RK Guns – Rural King for $489.98. This particular XD-S package includes a Viridian Laser, 5 magazines, hard case along with a soft case. That is quite a deal.

Shoot Point Blank Firearm Transfers

Shoot Point Blank Firearm Transfers A Federal Firearms License transfer is necessary when a person wishes to purchase a firearm outside of the state they reside in or from a geographically inconvenient FFL holder. Shoot Point Blank will assist customers with firearm…
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FFL Transfer Fees From Around The Country

Shoot Point Blank $75 if not a member of their Elite Membership program. If you are a member you get 1 free transfer per month through their program. Rural King Free Transfers from RK Guns to any Rural King store or from any Rural King store to any Rural King store.
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Buying a Gun at Rural King Online

How to Buy a Gun through Rural King Online Buying a gun online at Rural King is very similar to buying anything else online. The key difference is that your new firearm purchase cannot be shipped directly to you. Your Firearm must be shipped to a federally licensed firearms…