Pink Remington Hearing Protection

Pink Remington Hearing Protection

by editor
I purchased a pink pair of the Remington RH200 Wiley X Female Hearing Protection for my daughter. The pink hearing protection provides a safe noise reduction rating of NRR 34 and matches her new pink range eyeglasses. Protecting your hearing on the range is a must. This style of hearing protection features an adjustable and padded headband and is lightweight and compact in design.
  • Pink hearing protection
  • True female sizing for a better fit
  • Custom adjustable/padded headband for added comfort
  • Durable finishes and supports for long term use
  • Lightweight and compact

Remmington RH100 Hearing Protection

  • Green/Black hearing protection
  • True adult sizing for a better fit
  • Custom adjustable/padded headband for added comfort
  • Durable finish and supports for long term use
  • Lightweight and compact


Who is Wiley X

Eyewear innovator Wiley X, Inc. manufactures and distributes a full line of advanced vision and hearing protection products bearing the trusted and world-renowned Remington brand.

This product launch was made possible through a partnership between Wiley X and Remington Outdoor Company (“ROC”), America’s oldest firearms and ammunition manufacturer with brands including Remington, AAC, Bushmaster, and DPMS. This line combines the legendary reputation of Remington with the protective gear experience of Wiley X, a leading provider of eyewear, gloves, and other equipment to the U.S. military for more than 25 years.


Wiley X warrants Remington Shooting and Hearing Protection by Wiley X to be free of manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for the period of one year to the original purchaser (or the maximum period allowed by law in the country of purchase or residence of the original purchaser, if less). For a full text of the Limited Warranty,

Updated 8/24/2020

It looks like the Pink Remington NRR34 Hearing protection that I wrote about in this article is no longer available at most retailers. You might still be able to find a random set on eBay or Offer Up.

I found a similar set of Walkers Game Ear Youth & Women’s Folding Muffs in pink, for less money. 

They are designed for youth shooters heading to the field or the range, it’s incredibly important to keep their hearing preserved and protected against gunshots since early hearing loss can lead to a greater life impact down the road. To fit smaller-sized heads, Walkers introduced its Youth & Women’s Folding Muffs, a passive design that features smaller earcups designed to effectively seal off the ears of smaller shooters for effective noise reduction. Each pair of Walkers Youth & Women’s Folding Muffs provide 23 decibels of noise reduction.

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