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Bigfoot Gun Belts

by editor

Bigfoot Gun Belts are American all the way and are made right here in the USA. Bigfoot belts are known for their quality of craftsmanship and steel core leather gun belts.

What is a steel core leather gun belt?

Bigfoot Gun belts define their steel core leather gun belt as having a stip of flexible stainless steel embedded between two premium layers of full-grain leather. This process adds maximum weight-bearing support to the belt while keeping the gun belt comfortable. The Bigfoot gun belt is designed to be sag-proof and accommodate all handgun sizes for everyday wear. By doing so, they have created a gun belt that you can literally stand on.

They currently have two thickness options available, a 14 oz With Steel Core and an 18 oz With Steel Core.

What type of leather does Bigfoot Gun Belts Use?

Bigfoot Gun Belts are made with English bridle leather which is the highest quality drum dyed leather available. English bridle leather is soft yet super strong and it ages with a patina found on fine leather goods.  The leather is hand-cut and then is drum dyed to ensure a rich consistent color. The edges of the belt are what they call triple edge finished which means the edges of your gun belt are burnished, beveled, and then painted by hand. The stitching on every gun belt is what is known as Tex 270 which is a heavy-duty, military-grade thread that is extra tough to ensure you have a long-lasting gun belt.

How much does a Bigfoot gun belt cost?

Bigfoot gun belts range in price from $63.00 to $89.00 depending on the style of belt you are looking for.

The Bigfoot Gun Belt Warranty

Every Bigfoot Gun Belt is built to last. We’ve got an equally solid warranty to match. Our materials, craftsmanship, and manufacturing process produces a product that we are proud to stand by (or wear around our own waist if we happen to be wearing pants). This promise is as genuine as the English Bridle Leather that we’ve used to make each quality gun belt. Our promise to you includes a 7-Day Test Drive. So once your beast of a belt comes in the mail, try it out for a week.

Here’s how their 7-Day Test Drive/Warranty works:

1.) Return or exchange your belt if you’re not fully satisfied with the size, shape, weight, color, smell, taste, or texture of your Bigfoot Gun Belt within the first seven days and exchange it for something more appealing to your rugged sense of style. We just ask that you pay the shipping back to us for all exchanges and returns. If you’re sending us a gun belt to exchange, we’ll cover the cost of shipping your new choice back to your neck of the woods.

2.) You may also upgrade or downgrade to a different belt within the 7-Day Test Drive. If you happen to upgrade to one of our thicker belts, simply pay the difference. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returned belts due to sizing issues, beyond the first seven days. So basically, that means that you’ll have to watch your Bigfoot figure in the meantime.

3.) When exchanging your like-new belt, please be aware that we will send you back a belt in the same like-new condition as the belt you sent us.

So, they also have something that they call their LEGENDARY WARRANTY.

What is their Legendary Warranty and how does it work?

Their legendary warranty is kind of a big deal, and it means that they totally have got your back (or waist) for 1 year starting from the day you receive your Bigfoot Gun Belt. If anything affects the usability or functionality of the belt, it will be covered within the first year. This could include tears, rips, or damage to your belt’s steel core. However, please note, any modifications to your belt are not recommended and unfortunately, not covered by their warranty. 

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Ben July 2, 2022 - 12:25 pm

Have you discontinued selling your belts? I can find nowhere on your website that offers to sell your belts. I do find them on Amazon with limited options.
Please advise.

editor July 7, 2022 - 9:52 pm

Hey Ben. To our knowledge Bigfoot Gun Belts is still making high quality gun belts and are being sold at: You are correct. Amazon typically carries a smaller selection of their gun belts with limited options. Let us know what gun belt you end up purchasing and what you like about it.


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