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Rural King FFL Transfers Are Back! [UPDATED]

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Rural King Shipping Firearms to Outside FFL's Are Back

According to an email that we received on September 22nd 2021, Rural King has decided that they are going to start shipping to outside FFL’s again. 

On February 9th of 2021 Rural King made a statement the statement below. 

FREE FFL Transfers

When you purchase a firearm at and ship it to your local Rural King store, they will not charge you a transfer fee. However, some states do charge a nominal fee for the background check and you will be required to pay that fee.

The states that charge a fee for the background check and the amount of the fee are listed below.

  • Florida: $8.00
  • Illinois: $2.00
  • Pennsylvania: $2.00
  • Tennessee: $10.00
  • Virginia: $2.00 for residents and $5.00 for non-residents

This is great news if you purchase your firearms through Rural King.  Please let us know if you have heard or experienced anything different below. 

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