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Does Rural King Have Layaway On Firearms?

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Yes, Rural King Does Have A Layaway Program For Firearms

How Do you put a firearm on layaway at Rural King?  This is how you do it.
Rural King is currently requiring a down payment of 10% for each new item that you put on layaway. The first payment on your layaway is due within 30 days of the previous payment. For all regular items, Rural King is asking that all merchandise must be fully paid for and picked up with 90 days of the original layaway date. Here is a quick heads up: In the event that you miss the 90-day window from the original layaway date and the layaway is not paid in full, or if at any time you decide to cancel the layaway, Rural King will assess a service charge of $10.00 for the handling, storage, and administrative costs associated with layaway agreement.
Guns can only be held on layaway for 60 days at Rural King
All of your gun/firearm paperwork should be completed after the final payment of the gun has been made. In the event that for whatever reason you are not approved to purchase the gun, Rural King will assess you a service charge of $10.00 for the handling, storage, and record-keeping costs of the layaway agreement. You are only allowed to put a maximum of 2 guns on layaway (per person).
  • Clearance items are restricted and may not be put on layaway.
  • Rural King reserves the right to modify its layaway policy at any time.
  • Christmas layaways must be paid in full and picked up by December 18th.

Are you looking for an online gun dealer that will accept a payment from your PayPal account?  You might not like what you find. Why?  Because PayPal lists all firearms and ammunition on their prohibited items list. 

While you can not purchase a gun through PayPal you might be able to do this… What if you bought a gift card with your PayPal account at the online gun shop that you are wanting to buy a gun from and then purchase your firearm with that store’s gift card. Sounds like a legit sale to me without violating any of the PayPal terms of service.  What do you think?

Instead of Layaway How about Financing Your Gun?

If you are looking for a gun to buy and want to pay for it over time try You can buy it today and buy it online. They recently started a financing program!  Why pay your order in full when you can make smaller monthly payments over time? It is super easy to do:

Go to

1. Click the financing logo on any product page to learn your pre-approval amount, or simply apply at checkout. 

2. Answer the questions in the Credova application & get approved fast. 

3. Make sure all items are in your cart and select “Credova” as your payment option in the checkout. 

4. Place your order! 


You can get approved today with no impact on your credit score! You are not locked in full-term and you will always have the ability to buy out of the program at any time. Pay off your principal in three months to pay no interest* (depending on your offer details) or spread it out into payments over the full length of your contract. 

Approval in Seconds
Apply online 24/7 for financing approvals in seconds. Applications can be filled out from any device with an internet connection. If you have any questions about the application, call 833-273-3382 to reach customer support during normal business hours of 3AM to 3PM PST.

Three months Interest Free*
Payoff your principal in three months and you pay no interest. You can also spread your payments out up to the term length provided in your offer. Approvals for three months interest free offers are dependent upon the applicant’s credit profile. Keep in mind, not all offers are 3 month interest free. Credova counts one month as 30 days, so 3 months = 90 days. Please review your offer details closely prior to completing your purchase.

Get Approved With No Credit Impact
There are no hard inquiries so you can get approved with no impact to your credit score.

Pay Over Time
Credova puts the purchasing power in your hands with monthly payments instead of paying for the entire purchase upfront.

Customer Support
Credova has dedicated support available for any questions or assistance you may need during normal business hours of 3AM to 3PM PST. Call 833-273-3382   |   Email    |    Visit

*Not all offers are 3 months interest free. Terms and conditions dependent upon the applicants credit profile.

This financing option is just another option that you can use instead of using a layaway program. Layaway programs for guns can be tricky to use with fine print that you need to understand before you go in and waste a bunch of your time trying to buy your gun.  

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