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Best Place To Buy A Used Gun Safe

by editor

Where is the best place to buy a used gun safe?

Offerup just acquired Letgo and now combined have expanded their market reach to more than 20 million monthly visitors. 20 million visitors means 20 million opportunities for someone to have a gun safe that they are looking to sell to you. 

You can buy a used gun safe on websites like OfferUp or Letgo

Actually, I just did a quick search in my local market and see a big Remmington floor safe that looks like it is in perfect condition for $1000. I also see a large Browning Medallion floor safe listed for $1700. The Browning Medallion gun safe holds roughly 33+ guns, ammo and accessories. That is a whole lot of safe. 

You can also find small gun safes with combination locks on there for $8.00. If the gun safe you find is small and not local you can have it shipped to you. This selling is charging $7.49 to ship this small gun safe to your home. Not a bad price at all in my opinion. 

You can also buy used gun safes on websites like Craigslist.


Pawn Shops

Garage Sales

Have you purchase a used gun safe?

If so, where did you buy your gun safe? If you share your story with me I will include it in my post above. 

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