Fingerprint Gun Safes

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Fingerprint Gun Safes - [Biometric]

Biometric – fingerprint gun safes have become very popular over the last few years and for good reason. Biometric gun safes are easy to use and super fast to open when they work.

What is a Biometric - Fingerprint Gun Safe?

A biometric -fingerprint gun safe is a gun safe that uses fingerprint authentication to open your gun safe much like the biometric authentication that we use on our smartphones everyday.  This article will highlight and discuss various biometric gun safes to see if they are the right fit for you. I will first start off with a biometric gun safe from SentrySafe. 

SentrySafe Gun Safe

SentrySafe is currently making the biometric – fingerprint gun safe shown above. This gun safe provides secure storage for one standard-sized handgun. The QAP1BE model is made of solid steel and has a pry-resistant door for added strength and security. This pistol safe also features a compressed gas strut to instantly and quietly open the top-hinged door. There is a manual (digital) keypad and key override just in case you need to get into the safe the old way. The SentrySafe QAP1BE gun safe is ideal for use as a bedside gun safe. The QAP1BE gun safe is also California DOJ certified which is a nice bonus. 

What is California DOJ certified Mean?

California Department of Justice or CA DOJ for short is the premier testing agency for firearm safety devices in California. By law, As of January 1, 2002, no firearm may be sold, transferred, or manufactured within California unless that firearm is accompanied by a DOJ approved firearms safety device.

How Many Fingerprints Will The SentrySafe hold?

This QAP1BE model will hold up to four different fingerprints. You could set it up to hold a primary print for you a backup print for you, a primary print for your wife and a backup print for your wife.

What Are The Dimensions Of This Gun Safe?

The exterior dimensions of this gun safe is 12.1 inches Wide x 9.9 inches Deep x 3.2 inches High. The interior dimensions are 9.7 in. Wide x 6.7 in. Deep x 2.2 in. High. The gun safe weighs in at around 12 pounds and has an interior capacity that measures out at 0.08 cubic feet

For additional security, you can anchor your gun safe to a secure object like the floor, or wall with the optional bolt-down accessory kit which costs around $10.00.

What guns will it fit?

Now that we have the measurements. What guns will it fit?  Good question. Here are a few guns that we know will fit. It will fit a 1911 with a 5″ barrel. It will fit a 1911 with room for extra magazines. It will hold a Ruger LC9S with room for extra magazines. It will hold a 10mm Glock 20. 

To give you another example it will hold a Springfield XD-S 9mm, an S&W .38 with 2″ barrel, and an extra magazine for the XD-S inside without any of the three items touching each other.

How many batteries does it need?

If you end up purchasing this gun safe, remember to pick up four AA batteries which are required to power up this gun safe. For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends that you use four high-quality, name brand, alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years from the current year. Generic and rechargeable batteries often do not have the lifespan needed to support long term use. 

There is a low light battery indicator that flashes red once your batteries get low. 

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