Springfield Hellcat In Stock

Who Has The Springfield Hellcat in Stock?

The Springfield Hellcat is the world’s highest capacity micro compact 9mm handgun on the planet. With it’s best in class capacity of 11+1 and 13+1 with included extended magazine, the Hellcat is designed specifically for every day carry with Adaptive Grip Texture™ and high visibility sights.

Trying to find one of these micro compacts in stock is a challenge given that the specs are so good on this gun and everyone wants one. Here are a few places that I know have them in stock and a few places that I checked that do not have them in stock at the moment. Check back regularly as I update this post. currently has new and used Springfield Hellcats for sale.

The Springfield Hellcat is currently out of stock at Cabela’s.

Currently, the only Springfield Hellcat that RKGuns has in stock is the Springfield Armory Hellcat 3″ Micro-Compact 9mm HC9319B

Palmetto State Armory currently has the Springfield Hellcat in stock. 

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Who Has The Springfield Hellcat In Stock?


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