Why Are Rural King Guns So Cheap?

by editor

So, what's the deal with Rural King guns?

That is a great question. Over the last couple of years I have purchased several firearms from RKGuns and Rural King stores and in each case, the gun that I bought at Rural King was cheaper than what I would have paid at my local gun store, or at least I thought it was. 

That being said, I will also tell you that I only had one gun purchasing experience at Rural King that went well, without any hiccups. That particular process that I used to buy my gun is no longer being allowed at Rural King stores, which is a shame. Rural King changed their FFL policy last year and they do not allow you to ship to an outside FFL’s anymore. You can read their official FFL change policy, here.

How Long Does It Take To Ship Your Gun?

It can Rural King or RKGuns anywhere from two days to 10 weeks to get your gun.

Are Rural King Guns The Same Guns Carried at My Local Gun Store?

There has been some debate online about whether or not Rural King is selling a different model of the firearm than your local gun store is selling. Based on the firearms that I have purchased and the many firearms that people across the country have purchased the answer is yes, the Rural King guns are the same guns that you can purchase at your local gun store.

Are Rural King Guns Cheaper Than My Local Gun Store?

Not necessarily. Let’s take a look at a few guns from Rural King & RKGuns and compare their pricing to some of the other popular internet-based gun shops pricing.

The first gun that we will look at is the 3″ Springfield Hellcat Micro-Compat 9mm.  All three guns are exactly alike with no differences between them. The only difference is where you buy it from.  So, let’s take a look…

If you go to buy the Springfield Hellcat from Rural King right now you will be spending $529.99. If you go to the Palmetto State Armory website right now, you will pay $469.99 for the same gun. If you go to Brownells to purchase your Hellcat you will be paying $529.99, the same price that you can buy it for at Rural King. 

Springfield Hellcat 9mm

Rural King Gun Policies May Be Different From LGS

Rural King does have a few policies and procedures in place that may differ from your LGS. For instance, almost all of their firearms have trigger locks on them which will prevent you from dry firing your prospective firearm. It appears that some stores will remove the trigger lock while feedback has been that most stores are not allowing the trigger locks to come off.

Can You Handle or Inspect Your New Gun Purchase at Rural King?

I was able to inspect each of my firearm purchases after the firearm was received by Rural King just to make sure everything looked good and that the gun was the gun that I ordered, had the correct number of magazines, hard case, etc. Also, after you complete the purchase of your firearm and are all good to go you will get an escort to the front of the store where they will hand you your new firearm purchase.

Will Your Local Gun Store Price Match RKGuns or Rural King's Gun Prices?

Last but not least check with your local gun store to see if they will price match to Rural King’s pricing. Be prepared to have the Rural King ad in your hand or on your smartphone for proof that it is being sold at that price at Rural King. Almost on all occasions of asking for a price match my local gun store was able to price match or offer up free-range time in addition to a discount to make up the difference in price from what Rural King was offering.

Would I Purchase a Gun From Rural King?

Absolutely, I would. Go for it. Just make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to order/pick up and receive your firearm. Would I order a gun from Rural King if I wanted to take that gun/firearm with me on an upcoming vacation or trip? Probably not. I would go to my local gun store for that purchase.

Have you purchased a firearm from Rural King? If so, what was your experience buying a firearm from them?

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Ron January 10, 2021 - 7:42 pm

I bought a gun off the rack from my local Rural King (Leesburg FL); staff was helpful and professional. They have computers in the area for doing the 4473. Price was very fair and I got an extra 5% off the “floor model” due to rack wear. No hiccups, all good.

editor January 10, 2021 - 9:50 pm

Hi Ron,

Good deal. What kind of gun did you end up picking up? How is the in-store inventory in Leesburg, Florida?


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