Thursday, April 18, 2024

Uncle Mike’s

by editor

Uncle Mike’s has been crafting fine holsters, swivels, and slings for over 72 years. They specialize in good value when it comes to concealed carry holsters, duty holsters, competition/range holsters along with belt pouch style holsters. They also sell a variety of bags, gun cases, magazine cases, and speed loader cases along with rifle swivels, shotgun swivels, slings, and belts. On their website, they also have a pretty extensive collection of tactical and law enforcement gear, pouches, and cases.

How Much Does It Cost In Freight To Ship You a Holster?

Now, this is a great deal. Uncle Mike’s offers free ground shipping with any order or $14.99 for expedited 2-day shipping or $19.99 for expedited overnight shipping when you purchase through their website. Not a bad deal at all.

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