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Shoot Point Blank FFL Fee

by editor

The current FFL Fee at Shoot Point Blank locations is $75.00

If you join any of the Shoot Point Blank Elite memberships the $75.00 transfer fee per firearm is waived and is included in the membership. You can transfer one firearm per month on this program.

Here is a little excerpt from a post that I wrote about their Defender Elite Program.

“This is where it starts to get good. Charging a $75.00 fee for an FFL transfer fee seems to be a little on the steep side. Plus, if you are in Illinois you will hit for another $2.50 for the Illinois Background check fee.  Take a look at the benefits fo The Defender Elite membership below. You get one free firearm transfer per month, one free guest and unlimited shooting at any Shoot Point Blank facility. That’s pretty strong. You must sign up for the membership before you initiate the paperwork to have your firearm transferred. I learned the hard way.”

Here is the link to the article that I am referring to above.

Shoot Point Blank Defender Elite Program

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