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Shoot Point Blank – Defender Elite Membership

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What is the Shoot Point Blank Defender Elite Membership?

Are you a First Responder, Military, and or a Veteran? If you are you might be able to take advantage of this monthly defender elite membership at Shoot Point Blank. Shoot Point Blank is growing and currently has 25 locations across the country.  I actually stumbled across this program yesterday when I went into one of their locations to fill out the DATF Form 4473 and to pay for the transfer fee for a firearm that I recently purchased. 

Here is how the transfer process works at Shoot Point Blank:

Shoot Point Blank Firearm Transfers

A Federal Firearms License transfer is necessary when a person wishes to purchase a firearm outside of the state they reside in or from a geographically inconvenient FFL holder. Shoot Point Blank will assist customers with firearm transfers from licensed FFL dealers.
They require a valid form of government-issued I.D. upon pick up of any transferred firearms. Only the person whose name is on the transferred item’s paperwork can legally pick up the firearm.

All state or locally required waiting periods begin when the purchaser visits Shoot Point Blank and completes the required Federal and State paperwork. Waiting periods do not begin when the firearm is paid for on-line or when the firearm is shipped. In the case of Illinois that waiting period is three days. 

There is a $75.00 fee for transfer-in items.

How does the Firearm Transfer work?

  1. Fill out the Firearm Transfer form below
  2. They will exchange FFL information with the original firearm dealer and the dealer will ship to thier Shoot Point Blank location.
  3. They will contact you when the firearm has been checked in by their receiving department.
  4. You will need to complete an ATF Form 4473 for the necessary background check. You must be the original purchaser.
  5. You will be charged $75.00 for the firearm transfer fee PER FIREARM
  6. No Class III transfers.

This is where it starts to get good. Charging a $75.00 fee for an FFL transfer fee seems to be a little on the steep side. Plus, if you are in Illinois you will hit for another $2.50 for the Illinois Background check fee.  Take a look at the benefits fo The Defender Elite membership below. You get one free firearm transfer per month, one free guest and unlimited shooting at any Shoot Point Blank facility. That’s pretty strong. You must sign up for the membership before you initiate the paperwork to have your firearm transferred. I learned the hard way. 

  • Unlimited shooting at ANY Shoot Point Blank Range
  • Unlimited shooting on weekdays
  • Unlimited shooting on weekends
  • One Free firearm transfer monthly ($50 Value)
  • Free Class Monthly *Private Lesson and AR Build Not Included
  • 5% discount on ammo and accessories
  • 5% discount on firearms
  • Reserved range time
  • One free guest 
  • Free firearm rentals 
  • Access to member discount days
  • Invitations to special events
  • Holster Hour: $5
  • Early access days
  • Early discount days
  • One free class per month (Excludes AR Build, LTC online, and private lessons)

*Please note that the 5% discounts for eligible members cannot be combined with items that are currently on sale*

*This pass or membership is a recurring charge you will be automatically charged on the date of purchase each month.

What is Holster Hour?

Holster Hour is a Shoot Point Blank members-only benefit where members can draw and shoot from the holster in their own dedicated bay. Your safety is our utmost concern, so it is required that those participating have completed either Advanced Handgun or Holster Draw class.

Enjoy this unique opportunity four times a month:

Before the store opens! Must arrive no later than 8:50 am.



You may shoot for the whole hour except for when attendance is above 10 shooters, in which case the hour will be split into two groups of 30 minutes each.

The first Holster Hour takes place Sunday, March 1st at 9 am!

Holster Hour Cost

Elite Members: $5 (or use your monthly free class)
Premium Members: $15
Basic Members: $25

Must be a member to participate



  1. Must be a Basic, Premium, or Elite member
  2. Must have successfully completed the Advanced Handgun or Holster Draw class, or eligible private lesson.
    Law Enforcement Officers with active credentials, or retirees with active carry qualification, are able to use their annual department qualification as their prerequisite to attend the class
  3. Outside-the-waistband holsters only

No inside-the-waistband, SERPA, shoulder, appendix, or back holsters. Only left or right side on the hip OWB holsters with no concealment garments.

Any actions deemed unsafe by the INSTRUCTOR RSO, or failure to abide by requests from the INSTRUCTOR RSO, could result in termination from the current Holster Hour Session and possible restriction from all future sessions.


How will you be billed?

A membership through Shoot Point Blank will be billed to your credit card on the same date every month. You can cancel your membership or update your payment method at any time. Sign in to your account online, go to My Account and click on “Manage Memberships.”

Where do you update your credit card information?

Sign in to your account online, go to My Account and click on “Payment Methods” to update your billing information or to change your credit card on file.

Will I receive a membership card?

Your membership will be tied to your ID. Once you purchase your membership you are ready to use your benefits.

Is my membership good at any location?

All membership levels are good at all of their 20+ locations!

What does unlimited shooting mean?

Members are able to shoot unlimited until there is a wait for the range. When a waitlist is in effect, unlimited shooting is reduced to 2 hours; then members will be asked to exit the range and placed at the top of the waitlist.

How many times can I bring a guest each month?

With the Elite and Premium level memberships, you are welcome to bring a guest with you each and every time that you go to the range. Your guest will share the lane with you. Only two shooters are allowed in each lane at one time.

How do I reserve range time?

You will need to sign in to your account online, go to My Account and you will see a dropdown containing store locations. Choose your desired store and click “Reserve Range Time.” From here, you can select your time. Range reservations must be made at least two hours in advance.

What if I want to switch my membership to a different level?

You will need to cancel your current membership and then sign up for a new membership at the desired level.

When and how can I cancel my membership?

Sign in to your account online, go to My Account and click on “Manage Memberships” to cancel your membership at any time. There are no fees or penalties for canceling your membership if canceled before the charge date.

Do you have a discount for active military, veterans, or first responders?

If you are an active military, a veteran, or a first responder, simply choose the Defender Membership level to receive your discount. Once you sign up online, take your receipt email into one of our stores to activate your pass.

What is a qualified defender?

The Defender Membership program is available to all former or active military as well as all first responders including but not limited to firefighters, police, EMS, and emergency services personnel.

How do I redeem my one free class a month as an Elite member?

Once you have purchased your membership, you will receive an email with your specialized code. This code will allow you to sign up for one class a month for free.

How do I get my 5% discount on merchandise?

If you are logged in, all prices shown reflect a 5% discount where applicable. When shopping in the store, scanning your ID at checkout will apply the 5% discount where applicable. The 5% discount does not apply to items on sale.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thanks for reading. 

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