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Shoot Point Blank Basic Range Membership

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Shoot Point Blank Basic Range Membership

The Shoot Point Blank basic range membership is a monthly range membership plan that allows you unlimited shooting on their range on weekdays. You will get invitations to special events, early access days, and member discount days. Access to Holster Hour which is only open to Shoot Point Blank members for $25.00 with a basic membership.

How much does the basic range membership cost?

$24.99 per month.

What is Holster Hour?

Holster Hour is a Shoot Point Blank members-only benefit that allows you to draw and shoot from the holster in your own dedicated bay. Your safety is their utmost concern, so it is required that those participating have completed either the Advanced Handgun or Holster Draw class.Before the store opens! Must arrive no later than 8:50 am.1ST AND 3RD SUNDAY: 9 AM – 10 AM2ND AND 4TH TUESDAY: 9 AM – 10 AMYou may shoot for the whole hour except for when attendance is above 10 shooters, in which case the hour will be split into two groups of 30 minutes each.

The first Holster Hour takes place Sunday, March 1st at 9 am!

Holster Hour Cost

Elite Members: $5 (or use your monthly free class)
Premium Members: $15
Basic Members: $25
Must be a member to participate

Important Requirements:

  1. Basic, Premium, or Elite member
  2. Successful completion of Advanced Handgun or Holster Draw class, or eligible private lesson.
    Law Enforcement Officers with active credentials, or retirees with active carry qualification, are able to use their annual department qualification as their prerequisite.
  3. Outside-the-waistband holster


No inside-the-waistband, SERPA, shoulder, appendix, or back holsters allowed. Only left or right side on the hip OWB holsters with no concealment garments.

Any actions deemed unsafe by the INSTRUCTOR RSO, or failure to abide by requests from the INSTRUCTOR RSO, could result in termination from the current Holster Hour Session and possible restriction from all future sessions.

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