New Defensive Shotgun Online Class – Shoot Point Blank

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In this online course, review shotgun operations, aiming, mounting, loading, clearing malfunctions, and managing stressful defensive situations.

 No Range Proficiency

Course Curriculum

  • Getting Started [x_icon type=”file-text”]
  • Firearm Safety Disclaimer [x_icon type=”file-text”]
Chapter #1
  • Firearm Safety [x_icon type=”file-text”]
  • Alternative Learning Option [x_icon type=”file-text”]
Chapter #2
  • Parts [x_icon type=”file-text”]
  • Loading [x_icon type=”file-text”]
  • Cycle of Operations [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
  • Clearing Malfunctions [x_icon type=”file-text”]
Chapter #3
  • Mounting/ Shouldering your Shotgun [x_icon type=”file-text”]
  • Aiming at Targets
Chapter #4
  • Types of Reload [x_icon type=”file-text”]
Chapter #5
  • Managing Stress [x_icon type=”file-text”]
Chapter #6
  • Defensive Techniques [x_icon type=”file-text”]
Next steps
  • Continuing Education [x_icon type=”file-text”]

The cost of this online Defensive Shotgun class is $50.00 per class

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