Thursday, July 18, 2024

New Handgun Training Online at Shoot Point Blank

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Point Blank just added a bunch of new online training classes that you can take in the privacy of your own home. The first online training class that we will talk about is the Defensive Handgun Course. The Defensive Handgun course will review the basics of firearm operations, drawing a firearm from a holster, how to conduct magazine changes, situational awareness, self-defense situations and fixing handgun malfunctions.

This course does not include a live-fire component

Defensive Handgun Course Curriculum

  • Getting Started [x_icon type=”file-o”]
  • Firearm Safety Disclaimer [x_icon type=”file-o”]
Chapter #1
  • Firearm Safety [x_icon type=”file-o”]
  • Alternative Learning Option [x_icon type=”file-o”]
Chapter #2
  • Handgun Fundamentals Refresher [x_icon type=”file-o”]
  • The Cycle of Operations [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
  • Stance [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
  • Grip [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
  • Racking the Slide/Charging the Firearm [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
  • Presenting Firearm [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
    Chapter #3
    • Drawing Your Firearm [x_icon type=”file-o”]
    • Holster Draw [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
    • Sweeping Garment [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
    • Single-Handed Firing [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
    • Controlling Recoil/Staying on Target [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
    Chapter #4
    • Defensive Techniques [x_icon type=”file-o”]
    • Breathing (NRP) [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
    • Workspace [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
    • Immediate Action [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
    • Remedial Action [x_icon type=”video-camera”]
    Chapter #5
    • Defensive Shooting [x_icon type=”file-o”]
    Next steps
    • Continuing Education [x_icon type=”file-o”]
    Cost for the new online defensive handgun course is just $50.00

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