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FFL Transfer Fees From Around The Country

Shoot Point Blank

$75 if not a member of their Elite Membership program. If you are a member you get 1 free transfer per month through their program.


 Rural King

Free Transfers from RK Guns to any Rural King store or from any Rural King store to any Rural King store. They will charge you $12.99 which is their flat rate shipping charge. This is a solid program. Free transfers and a flat rate shipping charge of $12.99 whether you purchase 1 firearm or your purchase 10 of them, all you pay is $12.99


Maxon Shooters Supplies and Indoor Range

$100 per firearm being transferred in and your background check fee  $5



Cabela’s will process an FFL gun transfer from an online gun broker for a $25 to $50 fee. For gun purchases from Cabela’s (online or in-store) there is not a transfer fee.  Updated: Cabela’s no longer processes private dealer FFL gun transfers.

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