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FFL Fees Around The Country

As you see below FFL fees differ greatly depending on where you live in the country and who you use as your FFL dealer. Be sure to look beyond the price when shopping for your FFL dealer. Some FFL dealers include more than just the transfer in their fee. 

Shoot Point Blank

Shoot Point Blank – FFL Transfers – YES $75 if not a member of their Elite Membership program. If you are a member you get 1 free transfer per month through their program.

Do they sell guns – YES


Rural King - RKGuns

Free Transfers from RK Guns to any Rural King store or from any Rural King store to any Rural King store. They will charge you $12.99 which is their flat rate shipping charge. This is a solid program. Free transfers and a flat rate shipping charge of $12.99 whether you purchase 1 firearm or your purchase 10 of them, all you pay is $12.99


Maxon Shooter's Supplies and Indoor Range

$100 per firearm being transferred in and your background check fee  $5



Cabela’s will process an FFL gun transfer from an online gun broker for a $25 to $50 fee. For gun purchases from Cabela’s (online or in-store) there is not a transfer fee.  Updated: Cabela’s no longer processes private dealer FFL gun transfers.


Bunker & Morgan Firearms

Bunker & Morgan Firearms charges a $20 FFL fee per firearm transferred if you use them for your FFL transfer. They also include the FDLE background check in that $20 transfer.



Scheels stores all operate independently so you will need to call them to find out if your local Scheels does FFL transfers. 

Scheels Springfield, Illinois – FFL Transfers – YES, $35.00 transfer fee if the firearm is on their approved list of manufacturers (insurance) – all inventory comes from their brick & mortar stores – 

Selling your used gun? Scheels will buy your used gun if it is on this list of approved manufacturers.


Camping World

Camping World has over 160 stores around the country.

Camping World Wauconda, Illinois – FFL Transfers – NO

Do they sell guns – NO

Do they buy used guns – NO


Gander Outdoors

Do they buy used guns – YES

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