Concealed Carry Holster – S & W Shield

by editor

Are you looking for a new concealed carry holster for your Smith and Wesson Shield? If so, hopefully, I can help point you in the right direction with a few holster brands that will fit your Smith & Wesson Shield.

Smith & Wesson announced in June of 2019 that it has produced and shipped more than three million of its market-leading M&P Shield pistol series out into the marketplace. You would think that with three million (plus) Shield’s out in the field that it would be easy for you to find a holster to fit your gun, right? Nope. Not an easy task at all.

The holster companies below make/manufacture holsters for Smith & Wesson Shields. I will be updating this list weekly and I hope to have all the holster companies listed on the page below for you to reference. If you know of any other holster manufacturers that you would like to add to the list please comment on the post below and let me know who they are. Thank you for reading.

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