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Allegiant Holster Co. – American Made Gun Holsters

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American Made

Allegiant Holster Co are crafters of top-notch image infused Kydex holsters and EDC gear. All their images are infused into the top layer of the Kydex providing superior durability over laminated, painted, or silk screening.  With a love of everything EDC and Tactical, they know what is important to you. They are passionate about their products.  They are loyal to their customers (they refer to them as Family).  This is why they offer a limited lifetime warranty and a 30-day guarantee. 

They offer handcrafted holsters made from premium materials and hardware, that won’t break the bank. 

Allegiant: adjective. Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, a cause, or a duty: constant, faithful, fast, firm, loyal, staunch, steadfast, true.

If this doesn’t sum up who they are, nothing will. Allegiant Holster Co. is located in Mineral Springs, PA

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